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PST Converter Pro - Converts PST to Apple Mail Format

Converts Mails , Contacts and Calendar from
- Outlook PST to Apple Mail
- Outlook PST to MBOX,
Outlook PST to EML
- Outlook PST to Entourage
- Outlook PST to Thunderbird
- Outlook Address book to vCard, Outlook Calendar to calendar.

That is right, One Converter does it all and that too at a nominal price!

PST to Apple Mail , PST to Mbox Conversion Free Support

PST Converter Pro

Now you can move all your Emails from Outlook for Windows PST to Apple Mail in just few clicks. PST to Apple Mail conversion is a must have for new Mac users moving from Windows to Mac and need to access their Emails from Outlook PST in Apple Mail. PST Converter Pro is one of the most result oriented tool to perform Outlook PST to Apple Mail conversion. Lately there was no direct, easy to use and accurate solution to solve the problem of migrating emails from Outlook Windows PST data file to Apple Mail. Users were either stuck with using Outlook for Windows side by side on Windows PC and loosing on productive time. But with PST Converter Pro, you can now directly and efficiently convert all your emails from Outlook PST format with ease, as our software is very easy to use. PST Converter Pro has step by step process to guide you through the conversion process.

Statistics shows that Windows users migrating to Mac loose at least 40% of productive time if they access to emails on both the platforms. Our PST Converter Pro comes packed with advanced features which are really helpful while implementing the migration from Outlook PST files to Apple Mail.

Why choose PST Converter Pro?

Simple to use User Interface

Users can easily convert emails from Outlook PST files to Apple Mail with our simple user interface. PST Converter Pro has been designed keeping strictly in mind to provide a very user friendly experience.

One App handles it all

PST Converter Pro lets you convert to various file formats be it PST to Apple Mail, PST to Thunderbird, PST to Entourage, PST to MBOX, PST to EML. Convert Contacts address book to .vcf and Calendar to iCalendar compatible format.

Works Directly on Mac

and to put a cherry on Top you don't need Outlook installed for our Mac app. So no worries if you just have Outlook PST files as back up. You wont need to look for any PC to use the converter app.

Saves your time, Process multiple Outlook PST files at one go

uses special logic to process the files faster. Also you may add multiple Outlook PST files at one go. So you may add the files and start conversion. Go read a book or have some coffee while conversion is in progress. By the time you return your files are ready for import.

Preserves Read / Unread status of your emails

This feature is a life saver as you don't have to look and sort through the read and unread state. You may also choose to save the mails in separate folders for you convenience.

Works on password protected files

Converts Password protected Outlook PST files with ease.

Supports Multiple Languages

PST Converter Pro supports Outlook PST files with double byte data languages. (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Arabic etc. )

Preserves Message Attachments while processing.

Preserves Message Attachments while processing.

Exhaustive and Accurate conversion of Contacts

PST Converter Pro considers and converts up to 60 contact fields as well as preserves the Contact photos as well.

Never Miss a meeting or event

Exhaustive calendar conversion with no data loss.

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PST to Apple Mail Clients
  • PST Converter V 2.0.410 - 24/6/2014

    Fixed - Emails might have invalid header. Improved header validation and generation logic.

  • PST Converter V 2.0.315 - 25-4-2014

    Fixed - a bug in case email has invalid transport header. Force to generate header from message prop bags..

  • PST Converter V 2.0.310 - 18/12/2013

    1) Updated product documentation.
    2) Fixed a bug with Birth date conversion in European Time zones

  • PST Converter V 2.0.305 - 28/11/2013

    Fixed - a crash in Contact conversion if no emails selected.

  • PST Converter V 2.0.302 - 07/11/2013

    Fixed - a rare crash while opening pst files with a particular element.

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Customer Testimonials

Works very painless and fast (I exported the .pst from Windows XP with 10 years of e-mails in less than 20 minutes, 1.6 GB). One hour later without the slightest fuss everything was imported in Apple Mail and up and running. Imported e-mails are sorted in neat folders and sub folders (separated, not mixed up with existing e-mails – good – and you have to manually drag-and-drop them to the desired places, his is simple but will take hours, but the program have taken care of the really difficult problem to get everything inside Apple Mail. Very good manual. Fair Price. The “other program” (from another manufacturer) for the same task, the one often recommended in online discussions, didn't’t work for me. I had almost given up my ambition to move from Windows Outlook 2003 to Apple Mail as I found this one in the Apple App store. Highly recommended. Buy.

Jacob Strong

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Converts Mails , Contacts and Calendar from Outlook PST to Apple Mail, Outlook PST to MBOX, Outlook PST to EML, Outlook PST to Entourage, Outlook PST to Thunderbird, Outlook Address book to vCard, Outlook Calendar to calendar .

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