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If your search for the most reliable Outlook PST to Entourage mail converter has still not ended, then you definitely have not come up with the PST Converter Pro tool yet. Well, good thing that now you have. PST Converter Pro is a highly advanced email migration tool developed under the expertise of some of the most brilliant minds existing. Gone are the days when exporting Outlook PST to Entourage format used to be a constant source of worry for many. With PST Converter Pro, you will be able to get done with all your Outlook PST to Entourage migration in a matter of few seconds. PST Converter Pro always provides you with an incredible option of converting Outlook PST files to Entourage format directly on your Mac.

“PST Converter Pro can be defined in one line as your one stop solution for all your Outlook PST to Entourage mail conversion worries”

Some Features of PST Converter Pro that makes it stand out:

1) Completely Compatible Outlook to Entourage Conversions

Not only will the PST Converter Pro will handle all the Outlook PST mails and get them converted appropriately and with full precision to Entourage format, but it will also make sure that your mail appear and function in the same manner as did before the conversion. Many people worry how the conversion from Outlook PST to Entourage format might lead to compatibility issues with the new email client. However, with PST Converter Pro you don’t have to worry cause you will never face any sort of incompatibility that could distort your Outlook PST mail in any fashion.

2) Outlook to Entourage Conversions on Mac itself

If all this was not enough, then you should be happy to know that PST Converter Pro also provides you with an option of converting Outlook PST files to Entourage format directly on your Mac. All you need to do is choose the PST files, and the PST Converter Pro will export them to Entourage format on your Mac itself. No need for any window based system to be able to convert Outlook PST files to the required Entourage format.

3) vCard Conversions Included

We know Your Outlook PST mailbox is not only a source of highly important mails, but also a place where you store some of your highly important contacts as well. With PST Converter Pro, we are providing you with vCard conversions as well. All your contacts shall be converted to a single vCard file when exporting from Outlook PST to Entourage, which can be later on easily saved on Entourage mail.

4) Bulk Outlook PST to Entourage Conversions

We understand there is no point of having an Email migration tool that does not provide with Bulk Conversion of your mails. With PST Converter Pro however, you have the option of Bulk migration of your data from Outlook PST to Entourage format. You can get converted all your Outlook PST data to Entourage format in one single click by enabling the Bulk conversion option that PST Converter Pro so proudly presents to you.

5) Other formats Included

PST Converter Pro is a highly advanced tool which not only helps you to export Outlook PST data to only Entourage format. There are a number of other formats that the PST Converter Pro helps in exporting. Some of them are as below:

  • Convert Outlook PST to Apple Mail
  • Convert Outlook PST to Thunderbird
  • Convert Outlook PST to Windows Live Mail
  • Convert PST format to EML or MBOX format

Try It now! For the Best Outlook PST to Entourage Conversion Results:

So what are you waiting for? If Outlook PST to Entourage conversion is the need of the hour for you at this moment, simply go ahead and get done with it using our PST Converter Pro. We assure you, you wont stop before recommending it to most of your colleagues in time when they require Outlook PST to Entourage Conversion help from you.

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  • PST Converter V 2.0.410 - 24/6/2014

    Fixed - Emails might have invalid header. Improved header validation and generation logic.

  • PST Converter V 2.0.315 - 25-4-2014

    Fixed - a bug in case email has invalid transport header. Force to generate header from message prop bags..

  • PST Converter V 2.0.310 - 18/12/2013

    1) Updated product documentation.
    2) Fixed a bug with Birth date conversion in European Time zones

  • PST Converter V 2.0.305 - 28/11/2013

    Fixed - a crash in Contact conversion if no emails selected.

  • PST Converter V 2.0.302 - 07/11/2013

    Fixed - a rare crash while opening pst files with a particular element.

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