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We heard your cries for help for an efficient Outlook PST to Apple Mail conversion tool and we answered back with the PST Converter Pro tool which guarantees you the safest and easiest Outlook PST to Apple Mail Conversions. At Gladwev, we believe in bringing our users with nothing but the best and the PST Converter Pro tool is a testimony to our statement. We are not like any other Outlook PST to Apple Mail Converters in the market, we intend to bring you the Best possible solution for your Outlook PST to Apple Mail conversions needs so that all our users have to do is few mouse clicks and get done with Outlook PST to Apple Mail conversions in fraction of few minutes using the amazing PST Converter Pro tool. Another big thing worth noting the PST Converter Pro is that you can convert your Outlook PST data to Apple Mail format directly on your Mac.

Some of the Brilliant Features of PST Converter Pro:

1) Trustworthy and Secure

With PST Converter Pro you will never encounter any errors or other such issues while exporting your mailbox from Outlook PST to Apple Mail format. Our PST Converter Pro also takes special care of protecting your data from any damage in any way while performing the export of your mailboxes from Outlook PST format to Apple mail format.

2) Amazing User Interface

We know a tool is only as good as the amount of ease with which it can be used. That’s why with PST Converter Pro, we placed extra attention on making the tool as easy to use as it could have been. All you need to do is follow the self-explanatory wizard screens of our software and thus get your mailbox exported from Outlook PST to Apple Mail Format with no trouble at all.

3) Fastest Conversions

We have put utmost efforts to make PST Converter Pro faster than any other method or any other software on the internet to help you to export your Outlook PST database to Apple Mail format. Leave behind other multi step tedious approaches to get your mailbox exported from Outlook PST. With PST Converter Pro, we are providing you all your Outlook PST data migration to Apple Mail format in few simple clicks.

4) Works Directly on the Mac

If you are using PST Converter Pro to export your Outlook PST mailbox to Apple Mail format, then you will be relieved to know that the entire Outlook PST to Apple Mail conversion can be done on your Mac itself. Simply select the PST files for conversion on your Mac and get them converted to Apple Mail format, no need for a windows based system at all.

5) Free lifetime Updates

Not only do we ensure the fastest and most accurate export of Outlook PST data to Apple Mail format, but our PST Converter Pro comes with life time free updates that will always keep your software up to date with the latest improvements.

6) Other Conversions Included

PST Converter Pro is a specialised email migration tool that provides email migration from Outlook PST to a number of other formats as well. These include the following:

  • Outlook PST to Entourage Conversion
  • Outlook PST to Thunderbird Conversion
  • Outlook PST to Windows Live Mail Conversion
  • PST format to EML or MBOX format

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PST to Apple Mail Clients
  • PST Converter V 2.0.410 - 24/6/2014

    Fixed - Emails might have invalid header. Improved header validation and generation logic.

  • PST Converter V 2.0.315 - 25-4-2014

    Fixed - a bug in case email has invalid transport header. Force to generate header from message prop bags..

  • PST Converter V 2.0.310 - 18/12/2013

    1) Updated product documentation.
    2) Fixed a bug with Birth date conversion in European Time zones

  • PST Converter V 2.0.305 - 28/11/2013

    Fixed - a crash in Contact conversion if no emails selected.

  • PST Converter V 2.0.302 - 07/11/2013

    Fixed - a rare crash while opening pst files with a particular element.

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