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There is no direct way to import a PST file into Microsoft Entourage and Apple Mail so you need to convert your Outlook (or PST) content into an appropriate format which these programs understand. Many people have suggested few free workarounds in blogs out there. Few of them are easy to follow but eventually you will find your emails not converted properly for example inappropriate attachments and unorganized mail folder hierarchy with loss of non-english content. Few others have suggested transferring your mails by routing through email server but actually it will take days to transfer a big PST file (such as 2 GB) with a lots of effort. Then it will take a lot more efforts to reorganize your thousand of mails in a folder hierarchy similar to the source Outlook or PST files. So what is an easy and reliable way to migrate Outlook content to these applications?

Our answer is “PST Converter Pro”. It is a powerful email migration tool which helps you migrating your Outlook and PST content to Microsoft Entourage, Apple Mail, Apple Address Book, Apple iCal and other applications. It’s fast! Transfer your thousands of emails in few minutes. It’s easy! One click conversion utility. It’s reliable! Preserve email folder hierarchy and attachments with Unicode Content.

MBOX file format is most commonly used industry standard “mail box” file format. It can contain zero or more email messages. Many email applications (on Windows as well as Mac) support import from MBOX files whereas PST file format is Outlook Specific file format. So if you want to transfer your mails from Outlook to these applications (such as Microsoft Entourage and Apple Mail etc.) you should convert emails from Outlook to MBOX (or PST to MBOX).

“vCard” is the most commonly used format for storing directory information. Most of Address Book applications can import vCard (*.vcf) files. PST Converter Pro helps you to easily convert your Address Books from Outlook or PST files to standard vCard files. Please consult documentation of target applications to know about how to import vCard files into it.

“iCalendar” is the most commonly used format for storing calendar and scheduling information. Most of the Calendar applications can import an iCalendar (*.ics) file. PST Converter Pro helps you to easily convert your Outlook Calendar events to standard iCalendar files. Please consult documentation of target applications to know about how to import iCalendar files into it.

PST Converter Pro is a downloadable only product so there is no physical shipment done. When you finish your order, you will receive your personalized license key on your registered email id shortly. You can instantly unlock the trial (demo) mode of PST Converter Pro. If you do not receive your key within 30 minutes please contact us at

Customer satisfaction is our topmost priority. So we provide free email support (in English only) to all of our customers and most of the time our skilled team members will help you to resolve your problems as soon as possible. The world is not perfect and same is our software. We are constantly working to make PST Converter Pro more reliable and useful. We always ensure best possible quality with every release or PST Converter Pro however a very few (less than 2%) of our customers have faced issues while using our product. We are responsible and sensitive towards customer issues. We always behave responsibly and always expect cooperation from our valuable customers during we provide support to them. It’s a truth that no customer issues can be resolved without getting good cooperation from our customers. After all if you don’t find our product useful you can ask for a refund and we will be happy to do that.

Customer satisfaction is our top most priority. So we provide free support (in English only) to all our licensed customers. Please note that we provide support through emails only. Usually you will receive a response from our dedicated team members within an hour or two. We try to resolve issues (if any) as soon as possible. Some times we have provided custom builds to our customers. We also provide free but limited support to our trial version users. If you face any issue while using PST Converter Pro trial (demo) version you can still contact us with your queries at and we shall address your concerns as soon as possible. Please visit support page here for more information.

If you don’t find our product useful, you can ask for refund within 30 days of the purchase. If you ask for refund then we shall give you a full refund provided that you asked for support and we failed to resolve your problem. In all other circumstances we will deduct 5% as a processing fee because our payment medium deducts 5% on each reversal.

We provide free updates to all our customers. Whenever there is an update ready to be downloaded, we notify all our customers regarding the release. New update can be instantly downloaded and applied to your version of PST Converter Pro.

PST Converter Pro is a professional email migration tool. We could provide it free but then we won’t be able to provide support and work on updates and issues reported by our customers.

Yes! All types of email attachments are converted. Even nested messages (emails as attachment inside another email) are converted appropriately which you might find converted inappropriately with other email migration tools.

Yes! PST Converter Pro handles all type of Unicode content appropriately. (Contents in all languages including double byte character set such as Chinese and Japanese) So you won’t loose your crucial data in emails.

PST Converter Pro can be purchased as a Single user License, Household License and Commercial License. Single User License: Each license key is personalized for a single user. It means that you can convert all emails received by one person with one license. However you can install PST Converter Pro on more than one Machine provided that you must convert Outlook content belonging to one person only. Household License: Household license key is personalized for a single household. It means that you can convert all emails received by you, your spouse or kids. However you can install PST Converter Pro on more than one Machine provided that you must convert Outlook content belonging to persons in your home. Commercial License: Commercial license key is personalized for use by IT support Technicians at organization or Firm. Technician at Computer repair shops. It means that conversion will be handled by IT support member for the member of the organization and firm only for one location only. For Purchasing bulk Commercial License for Multiple locations please write to us at

Yes! Outlook (or PST) Folder structure is maintained during conversion and you will find your mails organized in same the way as Outlook (or PST).

Yes! PST Converter Pro can handle all possible sizes of PST Files. We have successfully converted PST files up to size ~25 GB during testing and it can handle more than that!!! However it can not be guaranteed that target application will be able to handle a huge archive file or MBOX file successfully

When you run our software in demo mode, it converts only 10 items from each email/contact/calendar folder so resulting Entourage Archive or MBOX files will be relatively small in size. Demo mode is only restricted to convert 10 items from each folder and no other restriction is placed on it.

Yes! Contact photos will be preserved during conversion.

Outlook Calendar Events can have rich text content as well as various kind of attachments but these things cannot be directly included inside a standard iCalendar (“*.ics”) file format. So “PST Converter Pro” provides you a smart solution to ensure no data loss by additionally converting all calendar events to “*.mbox” or “*.eml” depending on your choice. When you open any calendar event, you can see a note appended at the end of the event’s description which refers to a certain “Mail Item” in a certain Calendar References folder. Additional information such as description in rich text format and attachments belonging to calendar events are saved in this folder. You can find this folder inside imported mails in Entourage or Apple Mail.

Unfortunately current version of PST Converter Pro can not convert Outlook "Tasks" and “Notes”. We are really sorry about it. When we launched this product it was not possible for us to implement some features (Tasks/Notes/Journal/"Contact Attachments" etc) due to a short time frame. We have tried to address basic requirement of most of the people but we care about you and know that it is really important for many people to migrate "Tasks/notes/Journals" etc. It will be implemented very soon.

Current version of PST Converter Pro does not support conversion from Outlook for Mac 2011 to Apple Mail or to PST. We are really sorry about it. We are receiving multiple requests and working hard to implement support for the same. This is in the wish list and it will be implemented very soon.


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  • PST Converter V 2.0.410 - 24/6/2014

    Fixed - Emails might have invalid header. Improved header validation and generation logic.

  • PST Converter V 2.0.315 - 25-4-2014

    Fixed - a bug in case email has invalid transport header. Force to generate header from message prop bags..

  • PST Converter V 2.0.310 - 18/12/2013

    1) Updated product documentation.
    2) Fixed a bug with Birth date conversion in European Time zones

  • PST Converter V 2.0.305 - 28/11/2013

    Fixed - a crash in Contact conversion if no emails selected.

  • PST Converter V 2.0.302 - 07/11/2013

    Fixed - a rare crash while opening pst files with a particular element.

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